The Mission Haiti Inc. Endowments

The Mission Haiti Inc. Legacy Endowment Fund and The Phyllis Sheehan Educational Endowment were created to insure a stable and growing source of revenue to fulfill our mission. 

Donate to an Endowment Fund

To donate to The Mission Haiti Inc. Legacy Endowment Fund, please click the "Donate" button below to be directed to PayPal. 


Donate to The Phyllis Sheehan Educational Endowment by clicking the "Donate" button below.




Whether you Give Now, Give Later, or Give & Receive, there are options to match your interests and financial circumstances, with maximum tax benefits for you.


Give Now

  • Make an immediate, outright charitable gift:
  • Cash
  • Publicly-traded securities (stocks and mutual funds) Real estate
  • Closely-held stock

Give Later

  • Make a deferred charitable gift, retaining flexibility and control of the gift asset while living:
  • Bequest through a will or living trust
  • Beneficiary proceeds
  • Retirement assets such as IRAs, tax-sheltered annuities, and 401(k) and 403 (b) plans
  • Make a significant charitable gift upon your death: Life insurance

Give & Receive

  • Make a gift and receive income payments for life, charitable benefit occurs at death:
  • Charitable gift annuity with gift of cash or publicly- traded securities (stocks and mutual funds)
  • Make a gift & receive income payments for life, a term of years, or both. Charitable benefit occurs at death:
  • Charitable remainder unitrust or annuity trust with gift of cash, publicly-traded securities (stocks and mutual funds). Unitrusts offer additional gift options of real estate and closely-held stock


  • Receive an immediate charitable deduction
  • Bypass capital gains tax on the appreciation of securities, real estate and/or closely-held stock
  • owned for more than one year
  • Retain control over the assets while living
  • Designate all or a portion of the proceeds Heirs avoid income & estate taxes on assets
  • Immediate charitable deductions for premium payments when InFaith is named owner and beneficiary; or
  • Retain ownership and control when InFaith is partial, sole or contingent beneficiary
  • Income payments for life, a portion of which is typically tax exempt
  • Receive payments immediately or defer Immediate charitable deduction 

For more information on giving to an MHI endowment fund, please contact:
Jimmy Dunn, 612-964-4229 or

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