MHI Immersion Trips: Packing


Important to Pack:

  • Passport & copy of passport
  • Driver's License or 2nd form of identification
  • Airline ticket or E-ticket
  • List of immunizations
  • List of prescription medications with prescription meds
  • Cash in small bills
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sanitizing hand wipes and/or hand sanitizer
  • OTC meds and first aid supplies you may need: ibuprofen,antibiotic lotion, bandages, antacids, etc.
  • Sun screen
  • Personal toiletries


  • Water bottle (if you do not bring one, you will need to buy a
  • refillable bottle at a US airport or in Haiti)
  • Snacks: energy bars, hard candy, gum (avoid chocolate--it melts)
  • Something to read
  • Something to write on and/or with (notebook, pens)
  • Sun glasses
  • Washcloth and soap
  • Flashlight

Important: Bring whatever you think you might need.


Clothing to Pack and How to Dress in Haiti

  • Pack for a tropical climate (hot and humid with temps typically in the 90s), to visit the mountains (50s to 70s), and for rain.  
  • Jeans are generally too warm to be comfortable. Lighter cotton or breathable fabrics are recommended.
  • Bring sandals and closed-toe shoes.
  • For women, sleeves and skirts are recommended for church. Haitians dress up for church; a dress or skirt is a sign of respect.

What NOT to Pack

  • Jewelry or expensive watches
  • Expensive shoes or clothing (you'll be walking on dry, dusty, and unpaved roads and paths, or wet and muddy areas)
  • Short shorts or short skirts (dresses, skirts, capris at or below the knee are recommended), crop tops, camis, or skimpy tops (sleeveless tops are OK if they are not revealing). There is a custom of modesty for women and girls.

Please refer to the TSA/Transportation Security Administration travel tips and rules about carry-on luggage and checked bags. 

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