Youth Helps Mission Haiti Inc.!

We could not be more proud of the high school and college students who step up to help MHI. Youth and young adults in our Minneapolis community and in other communities around the country have done everything from holding school supply drives to making gifts for kids at Annunciation Leogane. 


Are you wondering how your class at school, girl or boy scout troop, or the youth and young adults in your life can contribute to MHI?  Here are some ways to raise money in order to donate the proceeds to MHI: 


  • Service projects: Bag groceries; local grocery stores sometimes allow volunteers to bag groceries for tips. Babysit for MHI or ask your church to hold a "parent's night out" event and donate the earnings. Mow lawns for Haiti--advertise one weekend of lawn mowing by you and your friends during which all the earnings will be donated to MHI. 

  • Sales: Hold a bake sale or garage sale, and donate the profits. Create yummy snack bags and sell them at a school event. Sell donuts during your church's coffee hour. Sell gift cards for grocery stores who offer this fundraising program.

  • Local businesses: contact the businesses in your area to ask what type of fundraising opportunities they offer for a worthy nonprofit. 

​For example, Kowalski's Markets offers both gift card and group "carry-outs-for-a-day" fundraising opportunties.


Please contact us before holding a fundraiser for MHI (to make sure that efforts are not being duplicated or competing with each other). Thank you. 




Here are a few of the volunteer programs and ideas that have been created by youth: 


  • Laptops & iPads for Haiti
    Used laptops and iPads have been cleaned and reloaded with operating systems, and then delivered to our schools in Leogane. 

  • Instagram
    Volunteer social media help is provided to MHI by an enthusiastic and savvy college student.

  • Eagle Scout Service Project
    MHI was the recipient of a service project by a prospective eagle scout. 

  • Birthday Parties
    A young girl asked all the guests invited to her birthday party to bring donations for MHI rather than birthday gifts for her. 

  • School Supplies 
    A grade school in Minneapolis has collected and packed school supplies for the elementary kids at Annunciation Leogane for many years. Another school on Long Island, NY held a school supply drive for the College Coeur de Marie secondary school. 

  • Hoops for Haiti
    One of our college students created a basketball tournament held during winter school break to raise money for MHI.


Thank you to the youth and young adults who have given so generously of their time, resources, and talents to help the people of Haiti. You rock!



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