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Mission Haiti Inc. began with the vision of one person Phyllis Sheehan in 2006 after many years of helping the poor in Haiti. 

Her legacy of faithfulness, generosity and compassion continue today through our mission of providing Education, Elder Care and Sustainable Farming in Haiti.



Board Members

Mission Haiti Inc. is an all-volunteer organization, including our dedicated board.








Haitian Partners

The Sisters of the Companions of Jesus are our hardworking partners in Haiti.

The Companions of Jesus manage all Mission Haiti Inc projects education, eldercare and farming under the leadership of Sr. Alta Emile.



US Partners

Sisters from the U.S. and Canadian Federations adopted a proposal, Rebuilding Haiti through the Empowerment of Girls, to raise money over a ten-year period to provide education for ten girls from primary school through higher education/technical school, to assist in teacher salaries and tuition for teacher certification, and to provide assistance for the College Coeur de Marie/Heart of Mary secondary school. In addition to the Federation support, the Sisters have provided grants to support several projects, sponsorships, and emergency responses.


The Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph is a union of all the Sisters who claim a common origin in foundation at Le Puy, France in 1650. In the United States, this includes 4,684 sisters, 2,979 associates and 25 agregees in 16 Congregations. 


Read more about the CSSJs support of Mission Haiti Inc. here: 




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Donors and Supporters

Of course, what we are able to do at Mission Haiti Inc. is only possible through the generosity of our family of supporters. Our donors keep us in business, providing on-going monthly support of our four projects and funding for special projects as needed. Our immersion trip travelers that range in age from youth to retirees become Mission Haiti Inc. ambassadors, sharing their passion for Haiti and helping to spread the word. Our volunteers do everything from selling crafts to opening their homes for special events. 



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