What We Do About Education in Haiti

1. Supporting Schools

Mission Haiti Inc. provides direct support to two schools, Annunciation Leogane primary school and the College Coeur de Marie/Heart of Mary secondary school. 

2. Supporting Individuals Through our Sponsor a Student and University Scholarship Programs

We offer the opportunity to sponsor students in primary and secondary school, and provide university scholarships. Learn more about our Sponsor a Student  and University Scholarship Programs here! 

3. Supporting Teachers with Training for Certification

Building schools is not enough and sponsoring students is not enough. Haitians need quality education. Mission Haiti Inc. and our partners sponsor certification training for teachers at our schools that need it. 

About Education in Haiti 

Access to quality education opens doors and is key to the future development of Haiti, yet access is limited. Some facts about education in Haiti: 

  • Over 80% of schools are private. 90.5% of secondary schools are private. Tuition is a barrier for many. 
  • 50% of public school teachers do not have the basic qualifications to teach. 
  • Many children are not in age-appropriate grade levels, such that a 16-year old may be in 6th grade. 
  • Less than 22% of students go on to secondary school after primary school. Haitians recieve an average of 4.9 years of education. 
  • 1.4% of men receive higher education; 0.7% of women receive higher education. 
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